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Welcome to the

Pirate Memories Website:

Remembering the halcyon days of

Offshore (Pirate) Radio

    Pirate Memories - Offshore Radio Exhibition

                  Martello P Fort ~ Felixstowe - 

                          Aug 5th - 6th - 7th 

                            12.00 - 5.00pm

        Featuring the 'Flashback 67' Exhibition 

                           & LOTS MORE


Announcing a BRAND NEW DVD

'Radio 270 - As It Was'

Filmed by Leon Tipler

Edited and Produced by

Noel Miller

Available Exclusively from:

World of Radio Ltd



A Sad Day

The two Radio Caroline ships were towed from their moorings 53 years ago, during a real act of the company who serviced the ships.

Taken to Holland with promises of 'repairs and re-insurance', the ships languished there until 1972.

The larger ship, 'Fredericia' was scrapped, and the smaller vessel, 'Mi Amigo' was purchased by a group of Dutch radio Anoraks, who eventually handed it back to Radio Caroline.

SPRING 2020:

A Book By Paul Rusling:


The 'Radio Caroline Bible'

Discover the answers to these questions:

Who funded the start of Radio Caroline?

Who ran Caroline House?

What other bases did Radio Caroline have?

Who ran the radio link to the Mi Amigo in the 60's?

Which band organised a protest to Downing Street?

Which band did Ronan manage?

Who hijacked the Mi Amigo and towed her in?

Who dreamt up Loving Awareness?

How did the term 'Anorak' come about?

Name the seven London offices used by Caroline?

Who paid for the Ross Revenge conversion?

Why were the plans for an FM service dropped?

Why did the Dutch police raid Radio Caroline?

Which ships tendered Radio Caroline?

Who climbed the mast on the day of the hurricane?

Who hosted Caroline's last show from the sea?

What is Caroline known as in China?

and much much more

The 'Radio Caroline Bible'

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Pirate Memories:

'Chris Day's Pirate Gold'

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Saturday afternoons from 14.00 - 16.00 CET

(13.00 - 15.00 BST)

Two solid hours of pure pirate nostalgia with off-air recordings of all the offshore stations, plus, original tunes and interviews with many of the DJs and staff involved.....

Join us on RTI-FM

Remembering the Offshore Radio Stations

(Photo: Dilys Calver)

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